The Ultimate Founder’s Gift Guide

Janine Sickmeyer
7 min readNov 27, 2020


The holidays are almost here! While our celebrations might look a little different this year, a thoughtful and practical gift is the perfect way to brighten spirits. Just a couple of weeks ago, I turned to my network of entrepreneurs on Twitter to gather ideas for this Founder’s Gift Guide.

Whether you’re shopping for friends, a family member, your co-founder, team members, or even yourself, you’ll find the perfect gift that your loved-ones will obsess over. Many of the items on this list are created or sold by overlooked founders (Womxn, Black, Latinx, & more) so you can show your support.

The Let’s Start Up Founder’s Gift Guide was curated by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs and startup friends. From remote work essentials to children’s books to must-read books, pick up a gift for just about anyone in your life (with a founder’s twist).

For the New Remote Worker

At this point, we’re all getting used to the WFH life. And now that many are working remotely permanently or indefinitely, it’s time to get equipped with products that make life easier and healthier. Below are some work from home staples for your founder friends.

  1. Work from Home Desk: A modular desk for temporary or permanent remote working. Customize for sitting or standing and put it together without tools.
  2. Ember Mug: A temperature-controlled mug for the coffee-lovers in your life so they’ll never have to worried about their drink getting cold again
  3. AirPods Pro: Noise-cancelling headphones are a MUST for Zoom calls and blocking out the noise of kids and pets while working from home.
  4. Peloton: This indoor bike everyone has been talking about is worth the hype. Stream live classes and exercise any time day or night.
  5. Ergatta Rower: Here’s another option for your fitness-focused friends. Full-body workouts from the living room are possible (and quite possibly even fun?) with this rower from Ergatta.
  6. Ring Light: We all need a little bit of light in our lives. A Ring Light improves video quality and makes everyone look flawless.
  7. Blue Yeti Mic: Not just for podcasters, this Blue Yeti Mic makes the perfect gift for those looking for better audio during PR interviews, team calls, and just about any other recordings.
  8. Vuori Performance Joggers: Cozy chic is the new business casual. Give a friend a pair of joggers that they won’t ever want to take off.

For Your Team

The pandemic is taking a toll on employees, and something as simple as a holiday gift will help boost morale. Team bonding, fun virtual experiences, and delicious treats are a great gesture. Keep reading for some gift ideas for your team.

  1. Tour of Venice with Luca: Experience the secrets of Venice, Italy with a born-Venetian who enthusiastically guides your team through the streets.
  2. Per My Last Email Sweatshirt: The words on this sweatshirt sum up 2020. What’s better than a cozy (and funny) gift?
  3. Seshie Team Building: Team building, even when your team isn’t physically together. Seshie offers virtual team building activities to improve morale and company culture.
  4. Jeni’s Ice Cream: Give the gift of ice cream to your employees.
  5. Kahawa Coffee: Your team might be missing the coffee at the office. With a Kahawa coffee subscription, you can bring the coffee to them.
  6. Wine and Cheese Kit: This gift speaks for itself. Wine AND cheese. You could even schedule a virtual happy hour to go along with this treat.
  7. Virtual Wine Tasting: It’s 2020, you don’t have to travel to a vineyard for a wine tasting. Schedule an appointment with ONX wines and they’ll ship you a tasting kit and host a virtual tasting.
  8. Business Benefits for Builders: Yena provides accelerator benefits for startups, founders, and freelancers so you can grow your product.

For the Entrepreneur

If you know someone starting a company, get them a present that’ll be useful for their business. Find courses, tools, and something fun for your founder friend below.

  1. Portrait Session: Give the gift of professional photos that the founder in your life can use for marketing purposes, PR, or just about anything else.
  2. Cleo Wade Print: A perfect addition to any office space, this print from Cleo Wade will remind the builder in your life of the impact they are making on the world. It reads: “We are the builders who are building a world that has never been built before.:
  3. Web Design Studio Accelerator: John Saunders created a modern for freelance designers who want to scale their business. Video lessons, source files, and more will help define a design studio for success.
  4. MentorPass: Mentorship is invaluable when you’re a startup founder. MentorPass matches you with qualified mentors who will help you grow and hold you accountable when you need it.
  5. Maruman Imagination Notebook: An A4 graph notebook is essential for jotting down notes and coming up with the next great idea.
  6. Books: Give the gift of reading and professional development. Many entrepreneurs are looking for their next insightful read. Here are a few titles:

For Anyone. Love, a Founder

Made by creators and small businesses with a larger purpose. From self-care items to children’s toys, the following gifts includes something for everyone on your list.

Big Black Tea: Tea is one of the “most powerful healing tools in our world.” Big Black Tea is a Black-owned global tea brand that helps people re-center even during the most stressful of times.

  1. Fly by Jing: Founded by Jing Gao, Fly by Jing crafts all-natural spices inspired by the flavors of her hometown Chengdu. Visit their shop and pick up natural Sichuan chili sauce and some fun merch for your friends.
  2. Haus Membership: A wine subscription that will have your friends and family wanting more! Haus is a modern spin on traditional wine and is made with herbs, fruits, and botanicals. So good you might have to pick up a few bottles for yourself too.
  3. Infinite Objects: Infinite Objects prints videos. Unlike digital frames, Infinite Objects allows you to “treat your favorite videos the same way you would a photograph.” Choose a design from their video art collection or upload your own video. (Disclaimer: I’m an investor)
  4. Plant Parent Club: Bring greenery into your friend’s homes with membership from Sill. It’s perfect for the experienced plant parent or a new one and includes workshops and tons of great surprises.
  5. Healthy Roots Dolls: Healthy Roots created a doll that “represents the beauty of diversity.” Zoe is a Black doll with natural hair and empowers and educates young girls.
  6. I’m Speaking Mug: “Mr. Vice President I’m Speaking.” Kamala Harris, our Vice President-elect, stood up for herself during a previous debate and her words went viral. Get this mug to remind the womxn and other overlooked people in your life that what they have to say deserves to be heard.
  7. Spoken Flames Candles: More than just a candle, Spoken Flames sells an immersive candle experience so your friends and family can practice self-care. The candle shimmers, crackles, and even offers an augmented reality.
  8. Atoms Mask: This is my all-time favorite mask. It’s comfortable, breathable, and comes in a wide variety of colors to keep people safe during the pandemic.
  9. A Boy, a Budget, and a Dream: Start teaching the little ones in your life financial literacy early so that they can learn to budget and save money for their dreams. Grab the book and more worksheets to further their learning.
  10. Upsie Protection Plan: A reliable product warranty that you won’t have to overpay for. Upsie gives you peace of mind when using your valued tech products and appliances.
  11. Iconic Women in STEAM Coloring Book: Wonder Women in Tech is releasing a coloring book that features 32 “sheheros.” A great gift for adults and children!
  12. The Wandering Ear: This online music publication writes about how music makes people feel. Grab a membership to help bring people together through music.