OV New York City Meetup

Dinner with OV portfolio companies at STK in NYC
Overlooked Ventures General Partners and the first 8 portfolio company investments: CarpeDM, Femly, Lalo, The Difference, College Cash, Govalo, Moment AI, Blooming Health.
Founder of Govalo + OV | Femly + CarpeDM | Blooming Health + OV
Chauntelle Lewis (Inclusive Communities Manager), Adam Grant (Venture Analyst), Janine Sickmeyer (Founder and General Partner), Brandon Brooks (Founder and General Partner), Jaime Houssami (Head of Brand and Marketing)
  • Brand awareness
  • Review pitch deck for next round
  • Press pieces
  • Investor connections
  • Follow on checks
  • Marketing strategy meetings
  • Interviewing new hires
  • Monthly expert meetings
  • Community management strategy



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Janine Sickmeyer

Janine Sickmeyer

Founding Partner at Overlooked Ventures