Must-Read Startup Newsletters (if you’re a fan of Let’s Start Up)

Just a couple of months ago, I started the Let’s Start Up newsletter for founders, investors, startups, and friends. I’ve already sent out nine issues and momentum only continues to pick up.

I started the newsletter to expand my network and inspire others with my experiences as a tech founder. I hope that anyone interested in entrepreneurship, diversity and inclusivity, and tech will find something relevant in my posts.

In the words of a few subscribers:

“Hands down it’s the most authentically engaging content to cross my inbox in a while. Thank you.” -Nneoma

“I got my first newsletter from you and it was amazing. I was looking for some information related to non-tech founders building apps and I received your newsletter at the same time.” -Ritika Mehta

“I know close to nothing about the VC world but you make it feel very approachable and understandable. Look forward to reading more in the future!” -Joe Ray

But, there are so many other great newsletters and digests out there that I want to share with you. If you like my newsletter, I think you’ll love these!

Girls Night In

I love what this newsletter is all about. The mission of Girls Night In is to help you “unwind, take care, and connect.” The newsletter talks about mental health, life hacks, self-care, friendship, and much more. Check them out!


Femstreet engages females in the worlds of tech and entrepreneurship, with a focus on diversity. They provide news and info about VC that helps our community thrive and stay aware of what’s happening.

For the Love

Looking for a newsletter about branding? For the Love is for startups and mission-driven companies spreading news and information about branding and making the world a better place.

Blooming Founders

Blooming Founders is a small business that focuses on diversity and helping female founders. They provide content, media, and training services and are all-around awesome. Sign up for their newsletter and check out their blog for invaluable info about meeting with investors, running a business, and more!


As an avid reader, I love #5SmartReads, a weekly newsletter that gives you news and book suggestions. Hitha Palepu, who runs the digest, also sends out fun posts like gift guides and general life hacks.

Claire Diaz-Ortiz

Claire is an investor, author, speaker, and mother who’s been writing online for over a decade. Her newsletter has 15,000 subscribers and she shares personal and professional news and general info of interest to startups.

Your Social Media Detox

Nicole Tabak runs the Your Social Media Detox newsletter, which provides self-care tips and life advice for content creators. She talks about meditation and yoga alongside social media and the job market.

The Marketing Mind Meld

Kushaan Shah started The Marketing Mind Meld to provide “musings on marketing and human behavior that will blow your mind.” He relates branding to science, tech, and life, offering unique takes on how to stay relevant.

The Startup

Another weekly newsletter is The Startup, which delivers insights to startup owners and entrepreneurs. Creator Richard Awoyemi focuses on personal development tips as well as hacks for the startup life.


Love learning about food and beverages? Snaxshot is an amazing newsletter created by Andrea Hernández that discusses trends in the food industry with wit and loads of interesting tidbits.


Ahh, fundraising. For founders, learning new tricks never gets old. Consider subscribing to Fundraisedd, a newsletter that delivers all kinds of helpful info about fundraising and startup finance.

Checking In with Kat Cole

Successful businesswoman Kat Cole runs the newsletter Checking In with Kat Cole. She sends out best practices, advice, life lessons, and personal experiences to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.

Awesome People List

Julia Lipton runs the Awesome People List newsletter, which delivers one awesome person to subscribers every week. These people help startups with a variety of tasks and are all hirable on a part-time basis.

Skye’s Newsletter

Skye’s Newsletter is run by Skye Belote, a venture scout and the Pacific Pine managing director. Her newsletter showcases young businesses with promise that are worth noting for investors.

I love following such successful people, and I hope these newsletters inspire you!



Founding Partner at Overlooked Ventures

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