Deals are big and the venture capital dollars are everywhere!

…except for women and Black founders

Photo of Janine Sickmeyer and Brandon Brooks, GPs of Overlooked Ventures
  • 2.3% went to women-led startups
  • Companies with a female founder performed 63% better than investments with all-male founded teams, according to First Round Capital

Our thesis is simple: Invest in overlooked founders.

To support these founders, we are raising for our ambitious $50M Fund I*. Over the last five months, my business partner and I have seen 1,000 startups apply through our website - ONE THOUSAND STARTUPS! 💥

But first, let’s talk about the process

Overlooked Ventures doesn’t offer special treatment. We don’t rely on warm intros (just like Del Johnson shares in this post) or existing networks for founders. Every founder who wants to apply for funding goes through the same application and review process. Overlooked Ventures has an open application form on our website so that everyone has the ability to apply and an equal opportunity.

  1. Pass: If we decide to politely pass, we send an email with candid feedback that we personally take time to write.

Now to the Stats

a graphic showing that out of the 1,000 applications, 82% of those were self-classified as “overlooked”
a graphic showing that over 67% of applicants have fully built products
a graphic showing that 96% of applicants came from outside the Bay Area and 80% are classified as US Based
  • 2 Black men
  • 2 White women
  • 1 Indian woman
  • 1 Latina
  • 1 Asian woman
  • 1 White man
a few of the Overlooked Ventures team members in Columbus at an event

We’re just getting started

If you’re an LP who wants to be a pioneer on this journey with Overlooked Ventures, apply here and visit our site at to learn more about who we are and our mission.



Founding Partner at Overlooked Ventures

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